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Firsttotalsyntheses of dihydroflustramine C and flustramine E, alkaloids from the marine bryozoan Flustra foliacea

Suárez Castillo, Oscar Rodolfo


First total syntheses of dihydroflustramine C and flustramine E, alkaloids from the marine bryozoan Flustra foliacea. Morales-Ríos Martha S., Suárez-Castillo Oscar R., Joseph-Nathan P. DOI:


We have developed a simple and practical method for providing the common tricyclic skeleton of physostigmine type alkaloids, and demonstrated its utility for indole alkaloid synthesis. Thus, we achieved the firsttotalsyntheses of ()-dihydroflustramine C and ()-flustramine E, as well as the totalsyntheses of their debromoanalogues from the corresponding 2-hydroxyindolenines in five steps with 31, 27, 39 and 23% overall yields, respectively. The structures of some intermediates were confirmed by single crystal X-ray diffraction analyses.

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