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Synthesis of Acetamido(indol-3-yl)propanol Derivatives

Suárez Castillo, Oscar Rodolfo


Synthesis of acetamido(indol-3-yl)propanol derivatives. Morales-Ríos M. S., Zepeda L. G., Suárez-Castillo O. R., Joseph-Nathan P. DOI: 10.3987/COM-96-7474


A series of acetamido(indol-3-yl)propanol derivatives (5-7) has been synthesized using a variety of reductive reactions performed on the corresponding O-methyl oximes of an indol-3-yl ester and of several indol-3-yl alcohol derivatives. The O-methyl oximes were prepared in good yields by acylation of the corresponding zinc salt of indole, followed by O-methyl oximation.

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