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Construction and Evaluation of a Gold Tubular Electrode for Flow Analysis: Application to Speciation of Antimony in Water Samples

Rodríguez Ávila, José Antonio


Santos, J.R., Lima, J.L.F.C., Quinaz, M.B., Rodriguez, J.A., Barrado, E., Construction and evaluation of a gold tubular electrode for flow analysis. Application to speciation of antimony in water samples, Electroanalysis, 2007, Vol. 19, p. 723-730, ISSN: 1040-0397


A tubular gold electrode (TGE) is described for the first time by summarizing the important aspects of its construction and evaluation. Applicability of the TGE is evaluated in the speciation of Sb(III) and Sb(V) using anodic stripping voltammetry in a single flow manifold. Studies with surface active interferences and metallic cations were performed. The proposed conditions for antimony determination showed good tolerance towards cationic, anionic and nonionic surface active substances. A linear response for antimony was obtained for solutions containing significant amounts of several metallic cations. Linear calibration curves for Sb(III) were obtained in the range 110?ppb with a detection limit of 0.19?ppb (CV=2.91%, n=5, [Sb(III)]=5?ppb). For Sb(V), linear calibration curves were in the range 115?ppb with a detection limit of 0.32?ppb (CV=1.41%, n=5, [Sb(V)]=5?ppb). The figures of merit achieved sustain for the good applicability of the proposed method as it allows the determination of antimony at levels below maximum values permitted in consuming waters. Results of antimony concentration determined in water samples were validated against the ICP-MS reference procedure or compared with reference water samples.

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