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Visible-Light-Promoted AuI to AuIII Oxidation in Triazol-5-ylidene Complexes

Mendoza Espinosa, Daniel


Visible-Light-Promoted AuI to AuIII Oxidation in Triazol-5-ylidene Complexes, Daniel Mendoza-Espinosa, David Rendon-Nava, Alejandro Alvarez-Hernandez, Deyanira Angeles-Beltran, Guillermo E. Negron-Silva, Oscar R. Suarez-Castillo, Chem. Asian J. 2017, 12, 203 - 207


Reaction of triazolium precursors [MIC(CH2)n? H+]I? (n=1?3) with potassium hexamethyldisilazane (KHMDS) and AuCl(SMe2) generates the gold(I) complexes of the type MIC(CH2)n?AuI. Visible light exposure of the latter complexes promotes a spontaneous disproportionation process rendering gold(III) complexes of the type [{MIC(CH2)n}2?AuI2]+I?. Both the AuI and AuIII complex series were tested in the catalytic hydrohydrazination of terminal alkynes using hydrazine as nitrogen source.

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