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Chromium(VI) Removal from Aqueous Solution by Magnetite Coated by a Polymeric Ionic Liquid-Based Adsorbent

Páez Hernández, María Elena


T.A. Ferreira, J.A. Rodriguez, M.E. Paez-Hernandez, A. Guevara-Lara, E. Barrado, P. Hernandez. Chromium(VI) removal from aqueous solution by magnetite coated by a polymeric ionic liquid-based adsorbent. Materials 10 (2017) 502; doi:10.3390/ma10050502,


An evaluation of the chromium(VI) adsorption capacity of four magnetite sorbents coated with a polymer phase containing polymethacrylic acid or polyallyl-3-methylimidazolium is presented. Factors that influence the chromium(VI) removal such as solution pH and contact time were investigated in batch experiments and in stirred tank reactor mode. Affinity and rate constants increased with the molar ratio of the imidazolium. The highest adsorption was obtained at pH 2.0 due to the contribution of electrostatic interactions.

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