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Prevalence and Antimicrobial Resistance Patterns of Salmonella from Different Raw Foods in Mexico

Rodríguez Ávila, José Antonio


Miranda, J.M., Mondragon, A.C., Hernandez, B., Guarddon, M., Rodriguez, J.A. Prevalence and antimicrobial resistance patterns of Salmonella from different raw foods in Mexico, Journal of Food Protection, 2009, Vol. 72, p. 966-971, ISSN 0362-028X


The presence of Salmonella was determined in 116 samples of poultry meat, 81 samples of pork, 73 samples of beef, 33 samples of cheese, 61 samples of fish, and 78 samples of vegetables collected from retail stores and supermarkets in Hidalgo State (Mexico). Ninety-three Salmonella strains isolated from raw foods were characterized, and MICs were determined for 10 antimicrobials. Salmonella was detected in 35.3% of poultry meat, 30.3% of cheese, 21.8% of vegetable, 17.3% of pork, and 15.1% of beef samples, but no Salmonella was detected in fish samples. Significantly higher counts were obtained in chicken meat (P = 0.0001), pork (P = 0.0116), cheese (P = 0.0228), and vegetables (P = 0.0072) obtained from retail stores compared with those samples obtained from supermarkets. Salmonella isolates had high levels of resistance to ampicillin (66.7% of isolates), tetracycline (61.3%), and chloramphenicol (64.5%) and low levels of resistance to cefotaxime (0%), gentamicin (3.2%), and kanamycin (4.3%). Higher levels of quinolone resistance were found in isolates from poultry meat and vegetables compared with that in other foods tested. High levels of multiresistant strains were found in all foods tested except fish, ranging from 100% of pork samples to 47.1% of vegetable samples. The present study revealed that Salmonella prevalence was higher in foods from retail stores than in foods from supermarkets. Resistance rates observed for Salmonella were largely comparable to those reported in other countries for most antimicrobials, although resistance to chloramphenicol tended to be higher.

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