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Fluorides and dental fluorosis in students from Tula de Allende Hidalgo, Mexico

Hernández Ceruelos, Ma.del Carmen Alejandra


Vazquez-Alvarado P, Prieto-García F, Coronel-Olivares C, Gordillo-Martínez AJ, Ortiz-Espinosa RM, Hernandez-Ceruelos A. Fluorides and dental fluorosis in students from Tula de Allende Hidalgo, Mexico. J Toxicol Environ Health Sci. 2010;2:24-31. ISSN: 1087-2620


This study correlates and presents the findings of the concentrations of fluorides an importantcontaminant of ground water present in two specific locations: The Ex-Hacienda well, which suppliesthe community of San Miguel Vindhó; and the Manzanitas-I well, which supplies La Malinche. The studyconcentrates on the prevalence and severity of dental fluorosis in students between 12 to 15 years old,who were born and live in these communities. The study was designed to be cross sectional andcomparative. During the period of April 2008 to April 2009, the study determines the measurement offluorides (F-) by using the Spectrophotometric method. A clinical exam was undertaken to observe theprevalence of dental fluorosis according to the Modified Dean Index. To determine the severity offluorosis, the Community Fluorosis Index (CFI) was calculated. The concentrations of fluorides in theEx-Hacienda well had a mean of 1.41 mg/L (CI 95%, 1.19, 1.64) with a fluorosis prevalence of 85% and aCFI of 1.6. Meanwhile, in the Manzanitas I well, the mean value was 0.62 mg/L (CI 95%, 0.53, 0.70) with aprevalence of 4% and CFI of 0.2. There is a significant difference between the two populations with apaired t test result of p < 0.005. There is a positive correlation between the concentration of fluorides ofthe Ex Hacienda well and the development of fluorosis in San Miguel Vindhó, and the study concludesthat these results constitute a hazard for students health.

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