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A Stable Acyclic Ligand Equivalent of an Unstable 1,3-Dithiol-5-ylidene.

Mendoza Espinosa, Daniel


Ung, G.; Mendoza-Espinosa, D.; Bouffard, J.; Bertrand, G. A Stable Acyclic Ligand Equivalent of an Unstable 1,3-Dithiol-5-ylidene. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2011, 50, 4215-4218.


Read the full textAbout AbstractSubstitutes you can rely on: Mesoionic carbenes (MICs) are not always stable. However, the acyclic ethynylcarbamodithioate 2 formed (instead of the corresponding MIC) by deprotonation of dithiolium salt 1 underwent cyclization to its precursor under acidic conditions and reacted with a variety of transition?metal centers to yield robust MIC complexes 3; (see scheme; Tipp=2,4,6?triisopropylphenyl).

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