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Scope of MICAI 2010

Topics of interest are all areas of Artificial Intelligence, including but not limited to:


* Expert Systems & Knowledge-Based Systems
* Knowledge Representation & Management
* Knowledge Acquisition
* Multi-agent Systems and Distributed AI
* Intelligent Organizations
* Natural Language Processing
* Ontologies
* Intelligent Interfaces: Multimedia, Virtual Reality
* Computer Vision & Image Processing
* Neural Networks
* Genetic Algorithms
* Fuzzy Logic
* Machine Learning
* Pattern Recognition
* Belief Revision
* Qualitative Reasoning
* Uncertainty & Probabilistic Reasoning

* Model-Based Reasoning
* Non-monotonic Reasoning
* Common Sense Reasoning
* Case-Based Reasoning
* Spatial and Temporal Reasoning
* Constraint Programming
* Logic Programming
* Automated Theorem Proving
* Robotics
* Planning and Scheduling
* Hybrid Intelligent Systems
* Bioinformatics & Medical Applications
* Philosophical and Methodological Issues of AI
* Intelligent Tutoring Systems
* Data Mining
* Applications
* Other (avoid whenever possible)





Intelligent Computing Research Group