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SMIA’s History

The Mexican Society on Artificial Intelligence (SMIA) is a scientific society that promotes the study and application of the artificial intelligence inside the Republic of Mexico. To do so, the SMIA organizes every year the MICAI at different places of Mexico.


The Mexican International Conference on Artificial Intelligence MICAI has been organized to address current AI research topics and applications since year 2000, with exception of years 2001 and 2003. The aim has been always to bring together leading researchers from all over the world, interested in advancing the state of the art in AI.

The first MICAI was celebrated at Acapulco City, Mexico; since that, many other different beautiful places in Mexico have been chosen as venues. The latest, 8th MICAI 2009 was celebrated at Guanajuato City. Since 4th MICAI 2005, October or November were selected as the months of the year to celebrate the MICAI. In year 2010, 9th MICAI 2010 will be celebrated at the beautiful city of Pachuca, located at the State of Hidalgo, México.















Área Académica de Computación (AAC)

The Autonomous University of the State of Hidalgo has an organization based on institutes. The academic area of computation belongs to the Basic Sciences and Engineering Institute and is in charge of different  undergraduates and postgraduates programs.

Intelligent Computing Research Group is interested on the application of  artificial intelligent techniques to solutions of educational problems.

Intelligent Computing Research Group