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Synthesis of Fluorescent oligo(p-phenyleneethynylene) (OPE3)via Sonogashira Reactions

Alvarez Hernandez, Alejandro


Mariana Flores-Jarillo, Francisco Ayala-Mata, Gerardo Zepeda-Vallejo, Rosa Ángeles Vázquez-García, Gabriel Ramos-Ortiz, Miguel Ángel Méndez-Rojas, Oscar Rodolfo Suárez-Castillo, and AlejandroAlvarez-Hernández, Synthesis of Fluorescent oligo(p-phenyleneethynylene) (OPE3)via Sonogashira Reactions, J. Mex. Chem. Soc. 2015, 59(2), 151-160.


Sonogashira reactions of 4-(2,5-diiodobenzoyl)morpholine and 4-(5-bromo-2-iodobenzoyl)morpholine with arylacetylenes catalyzed by Pd2(dba)3 in DMSO allowed preparation of fluorescent oligo(p-phenyleneethynylene)s (OPE3) with fluorescence quantum yields up to 0.87. DMSO proved to be very efficient for this double Sonogashira coupling in which other solvents failed.

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