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Earliest results in the use of activatedcomposite membranes for the transport ofsilver ions from aqueous solutions

Galan Vidal, Carlos Andres


Earliest results in the use of activatedcomposite membranes for the transport ofsilver ions from aqueous solutionsMendoza-Tolentino Y., Galan-Vidal C.A.,Alvarez-Romero G.A., Ramirez-SilvaM.T., Paez-Hernandez M.E.(2014) Journal ofChemistry 2014 1-5


This paper presents the results concerning the first use of activated composite membranes (ACMs) for the facilitated transport of silver ions containing di-(2-ethylhexyl)-dithiophosphoric acid (DTPA) as the carrier. DTPA was immobilized by interfacial polymerization in a dense layer that was deposited in a porous layer, which was prepared on a nonwoven fabric support by phase inversion. The influence of fundamental parameters affecting the transport of silver ion as the carrier concentration in the membrane phase and stripping agent variation of the stripping solution have been studied. In the optimal conditions, the amount of silver transported across the ACMs was greater than 50%, whereas if the content of the carrier is modified, more than the 90% of the initial silver is removed from the feed phase.

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