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Characterization of Main Anthocyanins Extracted from Pericarp Blue Corn by MALDI-ToF MS

Galan Vidal, Carlos Andres


Castañeda-Ovando Araceli, Galán-Vidal Carlos A. Pacheco Lourdes, Rodríguez José A., Páez-Hernández María Elena. Characterization of main anthocyanins extracted from pericarp blue corn by MALDI-ToF-MS. Food Analytical Methods 3 (2010) 12-16 DOI: 10.1007/s12161-008-9068-6. ISSN: 1936-9751.


The anthocyanic composition of pigmented Mexican corn (Zea mays) has been investigated. Two extracts (hydrolyzed and non-hydrolyzed) were analyzed by HPLC at different temperatures. The separation profile obtained in chromatography was different for minor components but the main fraction was the same in both cases. The last anthocyanin fraction was collected and analyzed by MALDI-ToF MS. The compounds identified in the fraction were cyanidin-3-glucoside and pelargonidin-3-glucoside with an approximate content of 1?×?10?6 and 1?×?10?7 M for the hydrolyzed and non-hydrolyzed, respectively.

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