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Dimethyldioxirane oxidation of N-substituted-2-methylindoles to indoxyls and bisindoxyls

Meléndez Rodríguez, Myriam


Aristeo-Dominguez, A., Meléndez-Rodríguez, M., Suárez Castillo, O. R., Contreras-Martínez, Y. M. A., Suárez-Ramírez, L., Trejo-Carbajal, N., Morales-Ríos, M. S., Joseph-Nathan, P. (2013). Dimethyldioxirane oxidation of N-substituted-2-methylindoles to indoxyls and bisindoxyls. Heterocycles 87, 1249-1267.


Oxidation of 2-methylindoles 12a-f with dimethyldioxirane (DMD) revealed that N-unprotected 12b,f and protected N-carbamate 2-methylindole 12c afforded indoxyls 16b,c and o-(N-propionyl)aminobenzoic acid 17f as the main products, while N-alkyl- or N-aryl-2-methylindoles 12a,d,e gave 1,5?-diphenyl-4?,5?-dihydro-3?H-spiro[indole-2,2?-pyrano[3,2-b]indol]-3(1H)-one (10), 2,3'-bisindolin-3-ones13, dispiro[indole-2,2?-furan-5?,2?-indole]diones 14 or 2-[(3-oxoindolin-2-yl)methyl]-2-hydroxyindolin-3-ones 15. The structure of dimers10, 13a,d,e, 14a,d and 15a,d followed from NMR measurements, X-ray diffraction analysis confirmed those structures of 13a,d,e,14a,d and 15d, and some mechanistic implications are discussed.

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