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A New Bisabolene from Stevia tomentosa

Torres Valencia, J. Jesús Martín


Manriquez-Torres, JJ; Velazquez-Jimenez, R; Gomez Hurtado, MA.; Roman-Marin, LU; Hernandez-Hernandez, JD; Cerda-Garcia-Rojas, CM ; Joseph-Nathan, P ., A New Bisabolene from Stevia tomentosa, NATURAL PRODUCT COMMUNICATIONS Volume: 6 Issue: 9 Pages: 1225-1228 ISSN: 1934-578X


The new sesquiterpene (1R,2R,3R,6R,7S)-1-acetoxy-2,3-dihydroxy-2,3-dihydrobisabolene (3) together withten known terpenes and three known flavonoids were isolated from the aerial parts and from the roots of Steviatomentosa. The structure of 3 follows from spectral studies, the relative chirality at C-3 follows from (1)H NMR couplingconstants comparison with the corresponding calculated values obtained by applying a generalized Karplus-typerelationship to the dihedral angles of model compounds, and the absolute configuration is assumed in analogy to known(2R,3R,6R,7S)-2,3-epoxy-2,3-dihydrobisabolen-1-one (2).

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