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Stereochemistry modulates the catalytic hydrogenolysis of nitrile-substituted cyclopropanes

Suárez Castillo, Oscar Rodolfo


Gonzalez-Juarez, D. E., García-Vazquez, J. B., Zuñiga-García, V., Trujillo-Serrato, J. J., Suárez-Castillo, O. R., Joseph-Nathan, P., & Morales-Ríos, M. S. (2012). Stereochemistry modulates the catalytic hydrogenolysis of nitrile-substituted cyclopropanes Tetrahedron 68, 7187-7195.


The study of Raney-Ni catalyzed chemo- and regioselective hydrogenolysis of diastereomeric nitrile-substituted spirocyclopropyloxindoles is presented. The chemoselectivity outcome of the reaction is remarkably influenced by the relative stereochemistry of the nitrile-substituted spirocyclopropyloxindoles. Chemo- and high regioselective cyclopropane ring-opening occurs from the syn diastereomers to give the corresponding 3-propylacetamide derivatives. X-ray crystallographic studies together with DFT model chemistry calculations indicate that chemo- and regioselectivity are directly dependent on the bond length asymmetry of the cyclopropane ring

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