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Antimicrobial activity of three Mexican Gnaphalium species

Villagómez Ibarra, José Roberto


"Antimicrobial activity of three Mexican Gnaphalium species, J. Roberto Villagómez-Ibarra, Maricruz Sánchez, Ofelia Espejo, Armida Zúñiga-Estrada, J. Martín Torres-Valencia, Pedro Joseph-Nathan. Fitoterapia 72 (2001), 692-694.


The antibacterial activity of the hexane, ethyl acetate and methanol extracts of the flowers, leaves and stems of Gnaphaliumoxyphyllum var. oxyphyllum, G. liebmannii var. monticola and G. viscosum was investigated. The hexane extracts showed in all cases the higher inhibitions, G. oxyphyllum flower extract exhibiting the wider spectrum of activity.

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