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Structure and physical properties of magneto-rheological slurriesunder perturbation

Donado Pérez, Fernando


De la Calleja, E. M., Carrillo, J. L., & Donado, F. (2012). Structure and physical properties of magneto-rheological slurries under perturbation. Revista Mexicana de Física, 58(1), 54-57.


Dispersions of micrometric magnetic particles in inert liquids acquire a complex multifractal structure when they are exposed to a staticmagnetic field. If in addition to the static field it is applied on the dispersion an oscillatory magnetic perturbation, the structure formed bythe particles, and consequently, some of the physical properties of the system, can be strongly affected. Under certain conditions, by theinfluence of the perturbation, the structure in the dispersion can be reconstructed becoming an ordered one. In this work, these phenomenaare discussed addressing the transformation of the structure in the scheme of a glass transition. For low particle concentration, the patternformation induced by the fields is quite different. The relationship between the pattern formation and the rheological properties of dilutedispersions are also discussed.Keywords: Glass transition; m

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