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Electrochemical Study of the Pd electrodeposition on Glassy Carbon Electrode fromammoniacal solutions at basic and acid pH values.

Mendoza Huizar, Luis Humberto


A. S. Bravo-Rodriguez, , L.H. Mendoza-Huizar, ECS Transactions, 2017, 76 (1), 29-35doi: 10.1149/07601.0029ecst


In the present work, it was analyzed the Pd electrodeposition from the system GCE/0.001M PdCl2 + 1M NH4Cl, at pH=5 and 8, through cyclic voltammetry and chronoamperometry techniques, in different temperatures. The analysis of the potentiostatic transients suggests the presence of a progressive nucleation and growth process. By means of nonlinear fittings of the experimental transients to the nucleation and growth model proposed by Palomar Pardavé et al, it was possible to calculate the values of the diffusion coefficient, nucleation rate and the number of the active nucleation sites. All these parameters were potential dependent in both pH solutions

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