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O-Ethyl S-{(S)-1-oxo-1-[(R)-2-oxo-4-phenyloxazolidin-3-yl]propan-2-yl} Carbonodithioate.

Lopez Ruíz, Heraclio


O-Ethyl S-{(S)-1-oxo-1-[(R)-2-oxo-4-phenyloxazolidin-3-yl]propan-2-yl} Carbonodithioate, J. Pablo García-Merinos, Heraclio López-Ruiz, Yliana López y Susana Rojas-Lima,Acta Crystallographica Section E, E70, o584-o585, (2014). DOI:10.1107/S1600536814007636


In the title compound, C15H17NO4S2, synthesized by additionof O-ethylxanthic acid potassium salt to a diastereomericmixture of (4R)-3-(2-chloropropanoyl)-4-phenyloxazolidin-2-one, the oxazolidinone ring has a twist conformation on theC?C bond. The phenyl ring is inclined to the mean plane ofthe oxazolidinone ring by 76.4 (3). In the chain the methine Hatom is involved in a C?H S and a C?H O intramolecularinteraction. In the crystal, molecules are linked byC?H interactions, forming chains along [001]. The Sconfiguration at the C atom to which the xanthate group isattached was determined by comparison to the known Rconfiguration of the C atom to which the phenyl group isattached.

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