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Complex Dynamics in a Hexagonal Cellular Automaton

Seck Tuoh Mora, Juan Carlos


Leon, P.A., Basurto, R., Martínez, G.J., & Seck-Tuoh-Mora, J.C. (2011). Complex Dynamics in a Hexagonal Cellular Automaton. Proceedings of the International Conference on High Performance Computing and Simulation (HPCS 2011), pp. 750-756.


Hexagonal cellular automata (CA) were studied with interestas a variation of the famous Game of Life CA, mainlyfor spiral phenomena simulations; where the most interestingconstructions are related to the Belousov-Zhabotinskyreaction. In this paper, we study a special kind of hexagonalCA known as the Spiral rule. Such automaton displaysa non-trivial complex behaviour related to discrete modelsof reaction-diffusion chemical media, dominated by spiralguns that easily emerge from random initial conditions.Computing abilities of Spiral rule automata are shown bymeans of logic gates, defined by collisions between mobileself-localizations. Also, a more extended classification ofcomplex self-localization patterns is presented, includingsome self-organized patterns.

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