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Silver Recovery from Radiographic Films Using an Electrochemical Reactor

Veloz Rodríguez, María Aurora


Silver Recovery from Radiographic Films Using an Electrochemical Reactor. P.A. Ramirez, V.E. Reyes, M.A. Veloz, International Journal of Electrochemical Science 6 (2011) 6151-6164


Electrochemical studies were performed to recover silver from radiographic films on A304 stainless steel (A304 SS) and titanium (Ti) flat electrodes using a filter press-type electrochemical reactor (known as ER01-FP), as counter electrode was used a mesh-type DSA. Voltammetric studies were employed to find the current range under which silver reduction occurs for both electrodes. Using chronopotentiometric studies with controlled current, homogeneous deposits were obtained on the surface of the A304 SS and Ti electrodes. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) studies corroborated the presence of silver on the A304 SS and Ti flat electrodes. Chronopotentiometric studies showed that the Ti flat electrode performed better for the recovery of silver because to a current of -150 mA during 210 minutes to a constant linear flow velocity of 15 Lmin-1 was achieved 99.8% of silver recovery, with low energy consumption (Es of 0.387 KWh/kg) and high current efficiency (?e of 99%). In addition, the silver concentration in the solution after the experiments was 1 ppm below environmental requirements for maximum recovery (5 ppm of silver in effluents). The ?e and Es values indicate the viability of a filter press-type electrochemical reactor (ER01-FP) for silver recovery from radiographic films.

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