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A genetic algorithm for optimal unequal-area block layout design

Hernández Gress, Eva Selene


Hernandez E., Mora J., Herrera L., A genetic algorithm for unequal-area block layout design, International Journal of Production Research, 2011, Vol 49 Issue 8, ISSN 1366-588X (electronic) 00207543 (paper), pp 2183-2196 DOI:10.1080/00207540903130868


The use of a genetic algorithm (GA) to optimise the binary variables in a mixed-integer linear programming model for the block layout design problem with unequal areas that satisfies area requirements is analysed. The performance of a GA is improved using a local search through the possible binary variables assignment; results encourage the use of this technique to find a set of feasible solutions for the block layout design with more than nine departments.

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