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Casimir force for a scalar field in a single brane world

Pedraza Ortega, Omar


Casimir force for a scalar field in a single brane world, R. Linares, H. A. Morales-Tecotl, O. Pedraza, Proceedings of the 17th international conference on supersymmetry and unification of fundamental interactions, edited by P. Nath, G. Alverson and B. Nelson, AIP Conference Proceedings, (2009).


Vacuum force is an interesting low energy test for brane worlds due to its dependence on fields modes and its role in submillimeter gravity experiments. In this contribution we obtain the scalar field vacuum force between two parallel plates lying in the brane of a Randall?Sundrum scenario extended by p compact dimensions (RSII?p). We obtain the force using the Greens function technique and we compare our results with the ones obtained by using the zeta function regularization method. As a result we obtain agreement in the expression for the force independently of the method used, thus we solve a previous discrepancy between the two approaches.

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