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Tlahuextl Romero, Angela Margarita


Margarita Tlahuextl, Francisco Javier Martínez-Martínez, María de Jesús Rosales-Hoz, Rosalinda Contreras, Syntheses, NMR Study and Stereochemistry of New P-H Tricyclophosphoranes, Phosphorus Sulfur and Silicon, 123, 5-19 (1997). DOI:10.1080/10426509708044194


Four new tricyclophosphoranes 1b-4b were synthesized derived from N,N?-bis[2-hydroxy phenyl]ethylenediamine (1a), N,N?-bis[2-hydroxyphenyl]oxamide (a), N,N?-bis[(-)-norephedrinelethylene (3a), N,N?-bis[(-)-norpseudoephedrine]oxalyl (4a), The syntheses of compounds 3b and 4b were completely stereoselective giving only one epimer in each case (epimer helix ?, 3b; helix ?, 4b). For both the phosphorus configuration was established. The phosphorus atoms in 1b-4b adopt a trigonal bipyramid geometry with an oxygen and a nitrogen atoms in apical positions as deduced from 31P, 13C, 1H and 1H/13C HETCOR NMR studies and confirmed by the x-ray diffraction structure of 3b. Compound 1b reacts with BH3-THF giving the N?BH3 adduct 1c; borane coordinates to the tetrahedral apical nitrogen atom. Compound 3b reacted with BH3 giving two isomeric adducts, 3c and 3c'. The main product 3c came from attack of BH3 on the equatorial nitrogen followed by epimerization of the phosphorus atom giving the molecule with the N?BH3 group in an apical position and helicoidal structure ?. The minor isomer 3c' came directly from addition of BH3 Sn an apical nitrogen atom giving the ? helix.

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