Producción Científica Profesorado

Estudio de automedicación en una farmacia comunitaria de la ciudad de Toluca

Téllez López, Ana María


Gómez Oliván L. Galar M, Téllez López AM, Carmona F, Amaya A. Estudio de automedicación en una farmacia comunitaria de la ciudad de Toluca. Revista Mexicana de Ciencias Farmacéuticas. 2009; 40(1): 12 -19. PREPRINTED


The aim of this work was to realize a study in a community pharmacy of Toluca City, in order to determine the frequency andfactors which predispose self-medication in the population. The acquisition of drugs in the pharmacy was analyzed by a descriptive,observational and prospective study. The collection of data was done by a questionnaire, which provided informationabout the sociodemographic, economic, sanitary system covering and self-medication characteristics. The results showed ahigher percentage of self-medication in women, adult population and subjects with a lower access to sanitary services. Themore consumed drugs were: analgesics, antibiotics and antacids. The priority groups to which sanitary education most be directed,in order to improve the quality of self-medication, were determined with this study.

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