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5D gravitational waves from complexified black rings

López Suárez, Luis Alberto


N. Bretón, A. Feinstein and L. A. López, 5D GravitationalWaves from Complexi ed Black Rings, JHEP 02, 101 (2010).


In this paper we construct and briefly study the 5D time-dependent solutions of general relativity obtained via double analytic continuation of the black hole (Myers-Perry) and of the black ring solutions with a double (Pomeransky-Senkov) and a single rotation (Emparan-Reall). The new solutions take the form of a generalized Einstein-Rosen cosmology representing gravitational waves propagating in a closed universe. In this context the rotation parameters of the rings can be interpreted as the extra wave polarizations, while it is interesting to state that the waves obtained from Myers-Perry Black holes exhibit an extra boost-rotational symmetry in higher dimensions which signals their better behavior at null infinity. The analogue to the C-energy is analyzed.

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