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Lagoon trophic state determination. Case of study tecocomulcos lagoon, hidalgo, Mexico

Prieto García, Francisco


Villagómez-Ibarra, R., Prieto-García, F., Delgadillo-López, A., González-Ramírez, C.A., Acevedo-Sandoval, O.A., Velázquez-González, C., Lagoon trophic state determination. Case of study tecocomulcos lagoon, hidalgo, Mexico, DYNA (Colombia), 86 (2019) 104-112. DOI: 10.15446/dyna.v86n209.75104


Because of anthropogenic impacts on the trophic state of Tecocomulcos lagoon in Hidalgo, Mexico, the quantities of nitrogen, phosphorus, and other biologically useful nutrients are being increased in spite of they are the primary determinants of a body of water's trophic state index. Nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus tend to be limiting resources in standing water bodies, so increased concentrations tend to result in increased plant growth, followed by corollary increases in subsequent trophic levels. Consequently, a body of water's trophic index may sometimes be used to make a rough estimate of its biological condition. Actually, in order to protect the environment, a new level of planning and execution of development projects have been originated by life cycle assessment, environmental impact researches and evaluating economic financial researches due to the understanding that, environment will be irreversible damaged by any kind of project.

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