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Enrichment of lactoferrin by a simple process based on solid phase extraction

Lucho Constantino, Carlos Alexander


J.L. Sebastián-Nicolás, A.E. Cruz-Guerrero, A. Castañeda-Ovando, G.A. Vázquez-Rodríguez, H.M.Hernández-Hernández, C.A. Lucho-Constantino, L.G. González-Olivares. Enrichment of lactoferrin by a simple process based on solid phase. Revista Mexicana de Ingeniería Química. 19 (2020) 251-261. DOI: 10.24275/rmiq/Bio540


Milk whey (MW) is a by-product of cheese factory, which causes serious environmental problems, due to is poured into the rivers,without treatment. However, MW contains high-value compounds, like lactoferrin (Lf). Several methods have been suggested toseparate Lf from MW, including ultrafiltration and chromatography affinity. In this work, extraction of Lf was proposed, whichwas carried out using a matrix of polyacrylamide (PAM) activated with Cu(II) to improve its affinity this protein. PAMs wereprepared at two total percentage concentrations (6 and 10 %T) and were characterized. 10 %T PAM showed higher homogeneity,therefore, it was modified with Cu(II) and used as extraction support. The analysis supported the functionalization of 10 %TPAM; likewise, the Cu(II) role in the extraction procedure. According to SDS-PAGE results, 10 %T PAM-IDA-Cu2+-imidazoleenabled to reach a Lf recovery around 82.5%; besides, a Lf-enriched fraction (150?g per gram of powder) was obtained. Themethod proposed represents an adequate alternative for the recovery of Lf from MW, which is considered a problematic waste.Keywords: lactoferrin, bovine whey, PAM matrix, extraction, enriched fraction.

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