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Responsabilidad Social de las Organizaciones en el Marco de la Contratación Colectiva.

Sánchez Trujillo, Magda Gabriela


Sánchez, M.G., Flores, G.I., Gonzalez, A., Los estudios empresariales en México: una perspectiva multidimensional. 2015 ISBN: 978-607-96671-3-9


Currently corporate social responsibility is for some a new way of doing business. With this vision organizations seek redress damage they have caused to its various partners and the environment. This paper makes an analysis of the elements of CSR, as well as the context in which they have developed relations between workers and employers. Added to this a study of the legal requirements of a collective agreement to observe its contribution to harmonize the objectives of the company in terms of CSR and quality of life of theirs workers.

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