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El entorno político de la sustentabilidad

Sánchez Trujillo, Magda Gabriela


Sánchez, M.G.,García, L.E., Garrido, L.J. Revista Internacional de Ciencia y Sociedad. 2015 Núm. 2 Volumen 2, ISSN: 2340-9991


Sustainable development emerges as a response to the crisis of civilization which questions, and subverts, public policies of countries; rationality of modernity; productive activities; the paradigms of knowledge; culture and economy that make the globalized world. From this systematic review of the panorama of environmental management are identified, so obvious technical difficulties, demographic problems, economic hardship, poverty, inequality, remote government visions of what is handled in discourse, and absence of cultural patterns, both nationally and internationally. The topic is not new but if appropriate, one of the purposes of this paper is to contribute to a debate of vital importance for the strengthening of public administration studies for sustainable development.

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