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Factores que Contribuyen a la Construcción del Desarrollo Tecnológico de PYMEs en Hidalgo

Sánchez Trujillo, Magda Gabriela


Sánchez, M.G., Rodríguez, L.V., García, L.E., Ciencias Administrativas. Teoría y Praxis Agosto-Diciembre 2016 Núm. 2 Año 12, pp. 1-18


The present work is focused on four of the main sectors located in the south area of Hidalgo State, México, to develop this work there was applied a needs assessment which scope of study includes administration, technological development, finance, market, production, human resources and University services. From a sample of 108 companies including the metal-mechanical, textile, chemical and extractive sectors, the results allow to precise and characterize the opportunity areas that might improve the growth in technological development for SMB (PYMEs) through the promotion of innovation projects between the private sector, government and Universities.

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