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Modeling and Simulation of Flow Shop Scheduling Problem through Petri Net Tools

Medina Marín, Joselito


Medina, Joselito, Seck Tuoh, juan Carlos, Hernández, Norberto, Martínez, Erick


Flow Shop Scheduling Problem is a typhical problem that is faced by production planning managers in flexible manufacturing systems. this problem consists in finding the optimal scheduling to carry out a set of jobs, wich are processed in a set of machines orshared resorses. Moreover, all the jobs are precessed in the same machine secuence. As all the scheduling problem, the makespan can be obtained by drawing the Gant chart according to the operations order, among other alternatives. On this way, an FMS presenting the FSSP can be modeled by Petri Nets wich are a powerful that has been used to model and analyze discrete event systems.

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