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Pregnancy in college, the case UAEH, 2014

Ortiz Lazcano, Assael


Ortiz Lazcano Asael. (Julio - Diciembre 2015). Pregnancy in college, the case UAEH, 2014. Revista Iberoamericana de las Ciencias Sociales y Humanísticas ISSN: 2395-7972, Vol. 4, Núm. 8 Julio - Diciembre 2015, 1-19.


Teen pregnancy is considered a health problem according to the World Health Organization (WHO), and tend to regard the university are far from those behaviors. However, data show that increasing university in different latitudes, especially in Latin America, are in the group of pregnant women, which puts into question the type and quality of education received in their universities. This paper discusses the university pregnancy, according to a census taken at the Autonomous University of the State of Hidalgo, and to analyze in detail this phenomenon.The objective of this research seeks to relate the rate of sexual guilt with sexual activity; and the use and non-use of contraceptive methods in college women between 15 and 23 years when pregnancy occurs. The data were obtained by applying an abbreviated questionnaire sexual behavior and other sociodemographic variables court, and a second working section with interviews. He tried to show that most sexual guilt produces a sexual inactivity or inhibit the use of contraception when sexual activity. The data obtained confirm the hypothesis partly because there is a correlation between guilt and early sexual intercourse and sexual relationship between guilt and use non-use of contraception in sexually active women also found. There was also information that corroborates that both knew of contraceptive methods, and frequency of contraceptive use.

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