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Applicaton of HTS BSCCO Tapes in an Ironless Axial Flux Superconductor Motor.

Castañeda Miranda, Alejandro


A. González-Parada, F.J. Espinosa-Loza, A. Castañeda-Miranda, R. Bosch Tous. (2012). Application of HTS BSCCO Tapes in an Ironless Axial Flux Superconductor Motor, IEEE Transations On Applied Superconductivity. Vo. 22, pp. 5201004.


The development of HTS superconductor motors has been focused on the traditional construction, mainly in the magnetic field in radial flux configuration like the traditional electrical motors, for this reason the design and construction of superconductor machines in axial magnetic flux configuration are a new alternative for the development of the HTS superconductor motors. In this work, calculations for design and optimization of a superconductor biphasic induction motor in axial flux configuration are presented. The motor construction was made with BSCCO-2223 tape, its respected electrical evaluation and results are presented in geometries of 4, 6, and 8 poles in an ironless stator. A wound rotor was made with BSCCO tapes in order to test within the stators superconductor developed. The optimization of rotor tests was carried out at the beginning with aluminum rotors. After that, some wound superconductor rotors were constructed on a flat squirrel cage configuration for evaluation with superconductor stators

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