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Discrete optimal control for a quadrotor UAV: Experimental approach

Santos Sánchez, Omar Jacobo


Santos, O., Romero, H., Salazar, S., & Lozano, R. (2014, May). Discrete optimal control for a quadrotor UAV: Experimental approach. In Unmanned Aircraft Systems (ICUAS), 2014 International Conference on (pp. 1138-1145). IEEE.


In this paper we propose a discrete time optimal control law to stabilize the four-rotor rotorcraft in attitude and position. The main objective of this kind of control law is to save energy and therefore increase the effective time in takeoff and hover flight phases for this robotic platforms. The optimal control law is synthesized considering a infinite horizon combined with an exact linearization by applying a nonlinear control law over nonlinear equations describing the robot dynamic model. The control law obtained is simple, easy and better adapted to be programmed in a micro-controller. Both simulation and experimental test and results show a satisfactory UAV behavior.

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