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Nanograin formation in milled MoO3 powders

Guerrero Paz, Jaime


Guerrero Paz J, Dorantes Rosales H, Aguilar-Martínez J A and Garibay Febles V; IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering 45 (2013) 012006 Third Congress on Materials Science and Engineering (CNCIM-Mexico 2012) pag 1 - 4


Powder of Molybdenum trioxide was milled for different times in horizontal ball mills. Such powder was characterized by TEM and XRD. Powder was rapidly de-agglomerated and fragmented up to attain nanoplates of two types, amorphous and crystalline. Finally, cold-welding of nanoplates occurred permitting some relaxation process to obtain a more stable energized structure consisting of equiaxial crystalline nanograins after 16 hours of milling.

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