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Abrasive wear ofV?Nb?Ti alloyed high-chromium white irons

Zuno Silva, Jorge


Bedolla-Jacuinde A, Guerra F.V, Mejía I, Zuno-Silva J, Rainforth M. (2015). Abrasive wear of V?Nb?Ti alloyed high-chromium white irons. Wear, vol. 332-333, pp. 1006?1011


The effect of 2%V,2%Nb plus2%Ti added to a 17%Cr white ironwas studied.The as castmicrostructure consisted of eutectic M7C3 carbides in amatrix of austenite for the un alloyed iron,while for the alloyed iron th estructure was composed of austenite, eutectic M7C3 carbides and MC primary carbides.The alloys were heat treated at 900 C to destabilize the austenitic matrix; a stronger mainly martensitic matrix reinforced withs econdary carbides resulted from suchtreatment.The as-castand heat treated alloys were tested under a brasive wear by usin a rubber wheel testing machine and SiO2 as abrasive particles of 0.3mm diameter. The wear tests were undertaken by placing the rubbing surfaces against each other with loads of 25,40 and 54N and pouring the abrasive SiO2 particles between the surfaces.The results indicate a considerable better wear resistance for the alloyed heat treated iron compared with those as-cast and unalloyed irons.

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