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Boriding kinetics of Fe2B layers formed on AISI 1045 steel

Ortiz Domínguez, Martín


Zuno-Silva J, Ortiz-Domínguez M, Keddam M, Elias-Espinosa M, Damián-Mejía O, Cardoso-Legorreta E, Abreu-Quijano M. (2014). Boriding kinetics of Fe2B layers formed on AISI 1045 steel, J. Min. Metall. Sect. B-Metall. 50 (2) B (2014) 101 -107.


In the present work, a diffusion model was suggested to study the growth kinetics of Fe2B layers grown on the AISI 1045 steel by the pack-boriding treatment. The generated boride layers were analyzed by optical microscopy and X-ray diffraction analysis. The applied diffusion model is based on the principle of mass conservation at the (Fe2B/substrate) interface. It was used to estimate the boron diffusion coefficients of Fe2B in the temperature range of 1123-1273 K. A validation of the model was also made by comparing the experimental Fe2B layer thickness obtained at 1253 K for 5 h of treatment with the predicted value. Basing on our experimental results, the boron activation energy was estimated as 180 kJ mol-1 for the AISI 1045 steel.

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