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Growth Kinetics of the Fe2B Layers and Adhesion

Zuno Silva, Jorge


Elias-Espinosa M, Ortiz-Dom?nguez M, Keddam M, Flores-Renter?a M.A, Damian-Mej?a O, Zuno-Silva J, Hernandez-Avila J, Cardoso-Legorreta E, and Arenas-Flores A. (2014). Growth Kinetics of the Fe2B Layers and Adhesion on Armco Iron Substrate. Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, Volume 23(8) August 2014?2943


In this work, a kinetic model was suggested to evaluate the boron diffusion coefficient in the Fe2B layers grown on the Armco iron substrate by the powder-pack boriding. This thermochemical treatment was carried out in the temperature range of 1123-1273 K for treatment times ranging from 2 to 8 h. The boron diffusion coefficient in the Fe2B layers was estimated by solving the mass balance equation at the (Fe2B/substrate) interface with an inclusion of boride incubation time. To validate the present model, the simulated value of Fe2B layer thickness was compared with the experimental value obtained at 1253 K for a treatment time of 5 h. The morphology of Fe2B layers was observed by SEM and optical microscopy. Metallographic studies showed that the boride layer has a saw-tooth morphology in all the samples. The layer thickness measurements were done with the help of MSQ PLUS software. The Fe2B phase was identified by x-ray diffraction method. Finally, the adherence of Fe2B layers on the Armco iron substrate was qualitatively evaluated by using the Daimler-Benz Rockwell-C indentation technique. In addition, the estimated value of boron activation energy was compared to the literature data.

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