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Tubos resonantes para modelar fuentes ruidosas

González Hernández, Manuel


Maximino Peña GuerreroManuel González HernándezJosé de Jesús Negrete RedondoOleksandr Karelin


In this paper we are presenting a technique to build a model of a noise source using resonance tubes with thepurpose to obtain another alternative to analyze any signal and treat it, and compare it with others ones. Inpreventive maintenance is possible to use source noise to identify fails of some devices. The use of resonancetubes in order to detect a fail in some devices was taken from how the vocal tract of a person which is modeledas the concatenation of acoustic tubes of different diameters, since the signal speech is produced when a column of air from the lungs excites the vocal tract, which behaves as a resonant cavity. This leads to an unsteady linear model, since the sections tubes fit tightly to changing according to the phoneme being emitting by persons. In our case we were capture a signal from source signal noisy of devices component using a microphone and then we analyze it and modeled it as resonance tubes. We show the results and the procedure how we have got the parameters of noisy source.

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