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Mathematical modeling using semantic networks for teaching

González Hernández, Manuel


Manuel González Hernández Oleksandr Karelin


The purpose of this paper is to show an alternative to teach how people can do mathematical modeling of natural sciences such as physics, biology, earth science, meteorology and engineering disciplines like computer science, artificial intelligence, but also social sciences such as economics, psychology, sociology and political science using semantic networks in order to get a graphical view of the relationships between the components of the problem to be modeled. The main idea is to use the semantic networks to perform the connection between the components involved in the modeling with the concepts, operators and all the possible characteristics of the objects in the processes? events in a fragment of reality for the problem being solved. Mathematical modeling using semantic networks should be apparently more obvious in the sense that the relationship of different components of the system to the model will be more evident. Semantic networks can help better to understand how the modeling of a physical phenomenon of engineering or other knowledge domain, it can be carry out more easily, because the semantic network clearly describes the relationships of objects and concepts of the phenomenon or problem to be modeling.

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