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Method, System and Device for Monitoring and Controlling the Water Table in Wells.

Castañeda Miranda, Alejandro


A. Castañeda-Miranda. (2012). Método, Sistema y Dispositivo de Monitoreo y Control para el Nivel Acuífero de Pozos. Solicitud: MX/a/2012,007702, Clasificación: H02G1/04(2012-01), IMPI.


The purpose of the invention is to provide a system for monitoring the behavior of the operation of an underground aquifer distribution installation, the invention comprising an aquifer well and the accessories thereof, such as a hydraulic substation and terminals, and the devices for the early detection of faults using electronic devices coupled to the installation for performing a diagnosis in order to anticipate the fault before a catastrophe occurs and the user runs out of water. The invention is a non-invasive detection system, which may be used in new and current installations, without substantial modifications to the installation, comprising a capacitive sensor for monitoring the behavior of the installation, a device for conditioning the signal and bringing the same to a suitable measurement level so that the data be transmitted by a wireless transmission device to a master hub and then to a central station comprising a computer and a master module for receiving the data in a wireless manner. A method developed for the aforementioned purpose is useful for interpreting the data and handle the information for verifying that the same is within the normal operation ranges of the static, phreatic surface and/or piezometric level in the saturated zone of the water table, these data being compared with the data contained in a database, allowing the type of fault and the location to be identified inside the hydraulic installation, sending an alert, according to the level of the detected fault, to the operator so that he may take the required actions for avoiding faults in the installation without risking the continuous supply of water.

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