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Geological Factors and Health Problems

Prieto García, Francisco


Geological factors and health problemsF. Prieto García, O. A. Acevedo Sandoval, J. Prieto Méndez, Journal of Chemical Health Risks, 2013, Vol 3(1), p. 23-32


Geological factors, such as damages, can cause health determinants in people, which were a little-studied and if they have been raised on occasion, usually referred to no communicable diseases. The aim of this work, which is a more or less updated bibliography, has been to develop a holistic idea for a better understanding of a problem and force latent or potential risk that they can carry and consider scientific basis infectious diseases especially complex. In essence, the focus of ecosystem health that should be considered in terrestrial ecosystems. It also provides the basic elements for the development of new research in this field.

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