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Application of Functional Operators with Shift to the Study of Renewable Systems When the Reproductive Process Is Described by Integrals with Degenerate Kernels

Karelin Anatolyevich, Oleksandr


Oleksandr Karelin, Anna Tarasenko, Manuel Gonzalez Hernandez


We continue studying systems whose state depends on time and whose resources are renewably based on functional operators with shift. In previous articles, we considered the term which described results of reproductive processes as a linear expression or as a shift summand. In this work, the reproductive term is represented using an integral with a de-generate kernel. A cyclic model of evolution of the system with a renewable resource is developed. We propose a method for solving the balance equation and we determine an equilibrium state of the system. Having applied this model, we can investigate problems of natural systems and their resource production.

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