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Fracture indentation on AISI 1018 borided steels

Ortiz Domínguez, Martín


Campos, I., Ortíz M., Hernández, E., Bravo, D., Bravo, O., Doñu, M.A., Martínez, J., Jiménez, J.A., Domínguez, Y., (2010), Fracture indentation on AISI 1018 borided steels. Key Engineering Materials 449, 9-14


Fracture indentation was applied to estimate the fracture toughness of AISI 1018 borided steels. The Fe2B hard layers were formed using the powder-pack boriding process for two temperatures with 4 and 8 h of exposure times. The fracture toughness of the iron boride layer of the AISI 1018 borided steels was estimated using a Vickers microindentation induced-fracture testing at distances of 15 and 30 m from the surface, applying four loads (0.49, 0.98, 1.96 and 2.9 N). The microcracks generated at the corners of the Vickers microindentation were considered as experimental parameters, which are introduced in a Palmqvist crack model to determine their corresponding fracture toughness KC. As a result, the experimental parameters, such as exposure time and boriding temperature are compared with the resulting fracture toughness of the borided phase.

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