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Pyrolysis of 1-furoyl-3-phenylthioureas in mass spectrometry

Otazo Sánchez, Elena María


A. Macias, A. Rosado, E. Otazo. (1996) "Pyrolysis of 1-furoyl-3-phenylthioureas in mass spectrometry." Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis 38, 53 - 60


Substituent effects on decomposition products of phenyl-substituted 1-furoyl-3-phenylthioureas were investigated, using a mass spectrometer with an indirect sample inlet system. It was demonstrated by means of correlational analysis, using Hammett ? constants, that the product formation (mainly furoyl isothiocyanate, aniline, furamide and phenyl isothiocyanate) is not influenced exclusively by the experimental conditions (pressure, temperature) but by an intrinsic factor such as the substituent in the molecule

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