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The current test results for two models of HTS cables on CASAT project

Morales Peñaloza, Alejandro


V.E.Sytnikov, P.I.Dolgosheev, M.G.Soloviev, D.I.Belij, J.L.Nieto, A.Perez, A.Gonzalez, M.Maya, F.Ortiz, C.Falcony, Mi.Jergel and A.Morales-Peñaloza, The Current Test Results for Two Models of HTS Cables on CASAT Project, IEEE Trans. Appl. Supercond. 13 No.2 (2003) 1964-1967. ISSN: 1051-8223.


Two models of HTS power cables were made and tested. The cable of Nordic Superconductor Technology (NST, Denmark) tape has 4 layers and length of 1 m, and the cable of Vacuumschmelzc (VAC, Germany) tape has 6 layers and length of 5 m. The test of the cables was performed at currents up to 6 kA (AC) and 10 kA (DC). Temperature was 78 K, uniform along the models' length. The critical current was more than 10 kA for 6 layers cable at 78 K. Main attention was paid for current distribution study in the cable models. Measurements of the current distribution between layers showed uniform current distribution and high level of superconducting tapes current currying capacity utilization. The comparison of the experimental and theoretical results showed reasonable coincidence. The tests will be continued at a various temperatures up to 100 K.

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