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Superconducting transmission 23kV/2kA cable?first in Latin America

Morales Peñaloza, Alejandro


Mi.Jergel, A.Morales-Peñaloza, C.Falcony, V.Sytnikov, P.Dolgosheev, D.I.Belyi, A.sierra, A.Perez, J.L.Nieto, A.Gonzalez, M.Maya y F.Ortiz, Superconducting transmission 23kV/2kA cable?first in Latin America, Rev. Mex. de Física 49 No.6 (2003) 489-492.


Two superconducting models of transmission cables were designed, constructed and tested for the ?rst time in Mexico, the 1m model and 5m model with parameters of practical applications 23 kV/2kA. For this purpose also a new cryogenic laboratory was built and equipped with all necessary devices and instruments. For construction of both models, a high critical temperature superconducting Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-O tape wasused. The design, construction and performed tests are brie?y described and some preliminary results of test measurements are presented.

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