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Raman scattering study of phonons in Bi-based superconductor thin films

Morales Peñaloza, Alejandro


C.Mejía-García, E.Díaz-Valdés, G.Contreras-Puente, J.L.López-López, Mi.Jergel and A.Morales-Peñaloza, Raman scattering of phonons in Bi-based superconductor thin films, Physica C 416 (2004) 11-16. ISSN: 0921-4534


Raman spectra were obtained from samples of Bi?Pb?Sr?Ca?Cu?O (BPSCCO) thin films after varying several growth parameters, such as covering material, annealing time (tR), annealing temperature (TR), and nominal lead content (x). Thin films with the nominal composition Bi1.4PbxSr2Ca2Cu3O? were grown on MgO substrates by a spray pyrolysis technique, followed by a solid state reaction. The results of Raman scattering measurements at room temperature show a series of vibrational optical modes within the range 300?900 cm?1. The assignment of these modes was made by involving mainly the 2212 and 2223 phases and was confirmed by both X-ray diffraction and resistance in dependence of the temperature (R?T) measurements as well.

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